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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jim Rogers Blog : Global Economic Slowdown or Meltdown?

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Well if Jimmy thinks we are headed for a slowdown; he is dead wrong. It is going to be more akin to a meltdown. Why?

First, interest rates at some point are bound to rebound. That is a simple mathematical calculation when completed has the potential to drive stock and bond markets down by fifty per cent or more. Include real estate properties in the market definition.

But the real big - big reason is that we are past peak everything, and that spells trouble as things move to the other side of the slope. If anyone thinks that have fewer things and more consumers is a good thing - they are need of prompt medical attention. In other words, smaller pies and more eaters will never be a good thing.

When will it occur? No one can predict for sure, but it should be within five years - and then continue much longer  All this should lead to more social, political and military disturbances. Making matters worse.

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September 8th, 2013  

Expect Another Meltdown...

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