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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Guardian - SuperFreakonomics is SuperFreakingWrong

 Business Media Protecting our Planet

This article brings out a number of salient points regarding the information propaganda game being played with climate change by the nefarious business press. Never, however, do Canadians forget that "the medium is the massage" - because media has the subtle profound power to define realities that don't actually exist. The list of outright lies built on misinformation with its brutal consequences are endless. Therefore, investors should, as a rule, have little faith in the objectivity of the mainstream business press that is sadly run by so many hidden agendas.  

Climate change as pointed out in this article is being panned or suppressed with the passion of an addict who denies their affliction. The usual media suspects are mentioned, along with other crazies, who are promoting hair-brained schemes* to remedy irreversible damages already facing the bio-sphere. More false PROFITS! 

*(Remember Get Smart? Let's Bring Down the Cone of Silence)

To invest effectively, the planet's hard physical constraints must be considered in any decisions we make. Denial or ignorance could be very costly. Is climate change that serious? The best way to answer the question is with the question: Why is, Mayor Bloomberg, spending $30 Billion on a seawall for New York City? 

That's a serious - REAL Business Agenda...


First Financial Insights
July 9, 2013 

Climate Change - could be bad for Business? 

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