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Thursday, 12 December 2013



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12 December 2013 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Infinity Express #Flight2100:Entropy Fueled

Never in the history of literature has any short story entered the world with such fanfare, mystery and expectation. For a few moments thousands of eyes from all around the globe will be engaged for a brief minute or two making, at the very least, literary history. For days, months and years thereafter, thousands of minds are destined to confront the enigma of “Infinity Express Flight 2100: Entropy Fueled”. For as John Milton so profoundly stated in Paradise Lost – “the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”

Are you ready to board this Starship? Are you sure?


Infinity Express Flight 2100: Entropy Fueled
 – A silly little story …
Boarding passes were presented by the 10,000 or so passengers who happily jumped onto Starship Earth, some 250,000 years ago. For Infinity Express Airlines, Flight 2100, was then finally boarded; destined to take its passengers to the last shores of Eternity. Engines were fueled by cosmic fuel - entropy; the flight crew was a top class professional team, captained by Economics, while Theology, Politics and Science rounded out the rest of the key cabin crew members.

After take-off, the passengers’ only concerns were survival, procreation and creating the distractions needed to keep their brains’ - primary organ - neurological mass and energy mix, actively producing a range of various cognitions. Through their cognitions they could also create many stories that would allow them to organize and entertain themselves over an expected long voyage. So they did all these things. It was a circular process, like everything else around them.

All the essential necessities were provided in the cargo store for this journey, along with enough entropy supply for the Starship’s engines, as well as, the daily use of passengers for their survival needs and distractions purposes. This cargo store was certified and approved prior to departure, and then managed, in flight, by the crew.

About fifty-nine “cosmic minutes” after takeoff, the Scientist was becoming concerned, that the now over seven billion travelers, had been consuming too much, from both the necessities cargo store and entropy fuel tanks. It was a grand party, as evidenced by the thick cabin smoke and clutter. But this ever-growing passenger population created after take-off was testing the logical stress limits of the ship and voyage. Particular attention was given to the half-full entropy fuel tanks. 

No worries” said both the Politicians and Theologians “The Captain says there is more than enough for another 250,000 years given past usage experience, more than enough to refuel at the next rest-stop along the way. “ With these assurances the passengers relaxed and continued with their affairs for a moment, not even realizing that they were still going around-in-circles. Moreover, the Scientist for some strange reason was quickly re-assigned to coach, with the other passengers.

Back in the cockpit cabin, its atmosphere was now engulfed by the team’s fear, high-tensions, blinking-lights and stuttering confusion. The abstract Positive-Sum Infinite (PSI) gauges for GDP, Wealth, and Growth were all stabilized and normal, but the concrete Negative-Sum Finite (NSF) gauges for Climate, Resources, Water and Biosphere had just jumped sharply into J-curve configurations. The Politician, and now acting flight engineer, immediately pulled-out and started reading the” Infinity Express - Emergency and Flight Disaster Protocols Manual.

“Quickly, what are we supposed to do?” asked the sweat-drenched Captain.

“Captain,” replied the Politician, “it says we are now  Linear Curve Code Red Nth”

“Then, what does it say next. Tell me! Quickly! Please?”cried a clearly terrified Captain.

“Strange Captain? All it says is that, the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. Dr Albert A Bartlett. That’s it?”

“Holy jumping Star bucks guys – the fuel tank just dropped to empty. Get into batten-down mode; we gotta to tell the passengers,” bellowed the now highly-strung Captain at the top of his lungs.

Suddenly, back in coach, in just a few brief moments the Captain’s voice broke the newly found Starship’s passengers’ cabin short-lived calm. “Attention all passengers, please push back your trays; buckle your seat belts as our indicators are telling us that we are about to enter an unexpected area of accelerated exponential turbulence” the Captain deeply lamented in an official resonant tone.

Then just as suddenly, sparse moments after the sturdy voice left their ears - the engines went quiet. Then a brief ghostly hiss, followed by Dead Silence…

Hardly moments later, within the carnage of terrifying wreckage, a few survivors clung to their last gasps of time. A young little girl softly and quietly turns to her father’s darkened somber face. With all her remaining strength she blurts, “Why? Why Daddy? Why? 

A single lonely teardrop etches on his face, then falls into the soulless murmur of waves flowing into an existential universe. Looking for the welcoming hand of eternity’s shores? Or humanity’s last thought?

There were no hands, no shores and no thoughts in the remnants and carnage of unanswered why’s. Only whys. And then, another cosmic minute lapsed, bearing the soft humming sounds of another passing Starship... 

...Infinity Express, Flight CM2E - heading rapidly towards…

the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”

Special thanks to  those who contributed alphabetically to the crafting of this parody;  Paul Chefurka, Chris Clugston, Fred Magyar, Terry McNeil, Frosty Wooldridge and Dr Peter G Kinesa.  And a very special acknowledgement and thanks to the late Dr Albert A Bartlett, whose famous quote is cited above regarding humanity’s (particularly mainstream economics) inability  to understand and apply the exponential function.- conceptual failing which will ultimately have such profound effects on its condition, sustainability and longevity. In the end, it should prove to be one of its greatest failings of understanding and intellectual honesty.

DEBUTS TODAY - Infinity Express #Flight2100 Entropy Fueled

Infinity EXPRESS
Flight 2100
Entropy fueled

Are you ready to board this Starship?
Are you sure?
November 15, 2013
7.00 pm EST

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Infinity Express #Flight2100 - **IMPORTANT MESSAGE**



Why there is any debate about what is the primary root constraint and determinant of our journey, makes no sense at all, in our opinion. Entropy is the most pervasive defining principle of our understood universe's elements and relationships. It simply interconnects all things.

Below is a brief pre-flight video documentary, released this past March, that adds further support to this universal connection string; starting from our primary survival and procreation needs, to the economyto money, to oil, to energy, and then right back to entropy Except for Ivy-League(sic) Economists and Nobel Prize Winners, these are straightforward connections that most folks can readily understand  - Right?  

Peak Oil and Economic Contraction

The paradox is that the need to survive and procreate drives the entropy that ultimately creates a final heat death or a situation where no organized form of energy exists, to particularly serve our survival need, in the universe. And our survival need appears to have a deeply-embedded insatiable-thirst for energy, which in itself contradicts its initial purpose. And that's not as straightforward. 
Moreover, we seem to be constantly trying to fight or usurp this second law of thermodynamics. But instead, we unknowingly act as fully obedient servants to an invisible master, by doing all that we can to accelerate the transformation of usable energy into its chaotic form, despite fully knowing where it leads us. Worse still - we do so, with reckless and perverse exponential delight!  Hmm. 

However, there is  a resultant optimistic point in all this. Insofar as, if we do not identify and understand what the critical underlying issues and constraints are - then there is little or no chance of moving towards either its better situational management or even a possible solution. Quantum Physicists, such as  Vlatko Vedral, in his book Decoding Reality, sets out that there are logical possibilities beyond today's known rules of the universe. So there still remains a flicker of hope, in the painting of our darkening predicament. 

Whether any practical discoveries or broad applications evolve from this form of work and thought is impossible to know. But at the very least: it could yield for us a better attitude, which is a little thing - that can make all the difference!

Meanwhile - Flight 2100 is departing from Gate A23

 Cheers For Now!

First Financial Insights

On behalf  of:
Infinity Express Flight 2100
 5 November 2013

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Human Destiny? - Infinity Express #Flight2100


…the story of…

Infinity Express Flight 2100: Entropy Fueled

Not since the dawn of time has one short story so deeply rocked and stirred the minds of readers worldwide. From beginning to end, it intoxicates your thoughts and senses, leaving you with just one inevitable question?

November 15th 2013

At First Financial Insights and other participating websites.

On this November 15th 2013, 7 pm (EST), you are invited to join the many thousands worldwide attending this Red Carpet Event at First Financial Insights that Premiers:  

 “Infinity Express Flight 2100: Entropy Fueled"

In less than five minutes, this short story takes you from the dawn of time, to a place where eternities meet eternities.  So bookmark this site, mark this time, and be one of the first of your friends to tune in and know the journey of our times!
Don’t forget your Boarding Pass…

First Financial Insights

October 30, 2013

Are you ready to board this Starship? Are you sure?

Be sure to invite a friend or two to this gala social media event, so that you may share thoughts, questions and ideas. It should enhance the overall learning experience and help you formulate questions, opinions and action ideas.
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Jim Rogers Blog - Uncle Ben is a Historic Disaster?

Not true? Everybody is printing money is an effort to debase their currencies so that exports remain competitive, while consumers will suffer with rising prices that will not be reflected in inflation indices. The game is on.

First, we are not promoting Uncle Ben's actions and decisions in anyway - it is just that all these guys are boxed in and have few choices to consider. They are boxed in for a number of different reasons, but if we cut to the chase, physical-reality's constraints are now governing what both central bankers and their abstractionist economics can and can't do. 

So, what's really going on? The secret is we are past "peak everything" making the inputs needed for production and consumption outputs scarcer. As a result, if you are chasing these scarce physical objects with abstracts (money) and all the other chasers are doing the same, how would you try to win the chase? You are right, have more abstracts than the other chasers - which translates into what? Print more money.

What does the end game of this chase look like? Simple extrapolation says we will ultimately have printed lots of money, but for some reason it didn't create anymore inputs for the economic process anywhere. I wonder why that is?

So in a funny way we do not really blame Uncle Ben and his friends because not even Jimmy has come up with a solution to fix this predicament. Why? Simply because there isn't one.

First Financial Insights
September 13, 2013  

Poor Uncle Ben and friends...are just boxed in. Reality Check!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Eric Sprott Blog: NOBODY GETS IT - Is it the Detroit or Nauru Template?

By: Eric Sprott and Etienne Bordeleau On July 18 2013, the city of Detroit officially filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 9. At $18 billion, 

Nobody gets it! 

That includes Sprott, the economists, politicians, bureaucrats and all the others in their respective supporting casts. Sprott points out that the government promised more than it could ever pay - what government doesn't? That aside, going through all the historical accounting, economic,finance and legal numbers and rhetoric does very little to identify the issues and learn what could have been done to avoid this collapse. Or to even find any  remaining ways to salvage a situation, that is bound to get worse.

Detroit is not alone in this regard, there are many others out there. If fact, many of those entities are actually countries, who are following the now famous "Nauru Template." These nations include Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Venezuela, Egypt and many more. Defining that template is straightforward - it is an economic situation that is no longer sustainable because the available resources for economic production and consumption are diminishing rapidly to exhaustion, while populations remain constant or expand requiring the same or greater production for consumption..Not good math, as it leaves many folks  ultimately desperate for a means of basic subsistence.

Outside the physical constraints, there were three obvious conceptual causes behind these collapses. First, the policy-makers and leaders foolishly continued to hang onto archaic mainstream economic doctrines that had no basis in reality

Two, they all failed to properly evaluate trends in physical resources, population growth, environment, competition and positioning for long-term activity, particularly as certain activities were  predictably becoming obsolete. For instance, if their once physically based economy was shifting to a conceptually based economy - then how could these cities/nations build advantages to attract and retain these types of economic concern. Such advantages are complex taking years of dedicated effort to build and "most importantly" - do not bring politicians immediate rewards and votes.

That's the cost of doing the right things for the future - personal sacrifice!

Anyway thirdly, there was no longer-term business plan, strategy, nor a  permanent central-economic board to oversee these strategies, plans and implementations, regardless of the political influences of the times. Random and in-cohesive actions and decisions have little chance of success. 

Clearly, these situations are open to prime application of many common seafaring metaphors. The ones we recall sound like this: - No Captain! No Compass! No Destination!. Means? - NOBODY Gets IT!

First Financial Insights
September 11, 2013 

Famous Statues' Motown Chorus: 

“Nobody Got IT”
...shanna, na, nah, bee boop de loo..



Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jim Rogers Blog : Global Economic Slowdown or Meltdown?

(Read More Above)

Well if Jimmy thinks we are headed for a slowdown; he is dead wrong. It is going to be more akin to a meltdown. Why?

First, interest rates at some point are bound to rebound. That is a simple mathematical calculation when completed has the potential to drive stock and bond markets down by fifty per cent or more. Include real estate properties in the market definition.

But the real big - big reason is that we are past peak everything, and that spells trouble as things move to the other side of the slope. If anyone thinks that have fewer things and more consumers is a good thing - they are need of prompt medical attention. In other words, smaller pies and more eaters will never be a good thing.

When will it occur? No one can predict for sure, but it should be within five years - and then continue much longer  All this should lead to more social, political and military disturbances. Making matters worse.

First Financial Insights
September 8th, 2013  

Expect Another Meltdown...

Saturday, 7 September 2013

WRONG AGAIN! real economics: USA industrial muscle

I have been writing since the 1980s that there has been no idea more pernicious than the one the postulates that there is no legitimate crit...

Economist are wrong again! Hand back those Nobel Prizes! You gutted American Industrial Muscle, and no one is the wiser. First, we concur that the American corporation's pursuit of shareholder value had a lot to do with it. A Company's first responsibility is to its stakeholders, and only secondly, to its corporate home jurisdiction. There is no national allegiance, so they are soulless entities, not really entrenched by sovereign constitutions, as they operate within a supra constitutional context making them, in effect, Virtual Countries - operating under the rules that they pick and  like best.  Many books could be written about these barbarians at and within our gates.

But the real culprit here was the ancient mercenary concept of "comparative advantage" the economist supreme rationale for unencumbered international trade and globalisation without any sense of moral code or ethical governance. This concept assured that the deck was stacked against the middle class and organised labour by forcing it to compete with oppressed de facto "slave" labour in other countries. What chance was there for fair competition?  And their jobs? None! 

For certain inflation and domestic prices have been contained over the past thirty years, but the wreckage caused in lost jobs, social decay, and destitute cities are, by far, not just compensation. Visit Detroit. Solid jobs were moved overseas by soulless Company's who along with local foreign governments exploited its peasant labour forces to their mutual advantage. Everyone else lost. 

So as a Mr. B. Springsteen, a nice fella from New Jerseyexpresses " I am afraid these job are going boys - and they ain't coming back" 

Thus, there is no such thing as advantage for the many, in comparative advantage in the real world.  It is a myth. It is propaganda. It is for the few. Just poppycock built by naive economists supporting the vested interests and rhetoric of foreigners and Virtual Nations. And there are no prizes for the slaves or those who lost their jobs. And so  - so much more...

First Financial Insights
September 6, 2013

Special thanks to a Mr, B. Springsteen, Rumson, New Jersey a worker and resident for his nice writing, that we printed here, and for bringing this unfortunate historic matter to our attention. He tells a story that portrays the human side of tragedy Merci, Bruce and hope everything works out for you and your friends, down there in your hometown 

My Home Town...

Troubled times had come to my hometown
My hometown, my hometown, my hometown

Now main streets whitewashed windows and vacant stores
Seems like there aint nobody wants to come down here no more
They're closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks
Foreman says these jobs are going boys and they aint coming back to
Your hometown, your hometown, your hometown, your hometown

Last night me and kate we laid in bed talking about getting out
Packing up our bags maybe heading south
Im thirty-five we got a boy of our own now
Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said son take a good
Look around
This is your hometown

Robinson , Charlie

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

BUY Signals - Gold Could be $5000 to $10000 Or $250? Or $13,756?

I'm only looking at 1 year in this conversation, but 4 years from now you could be somewhere in the $5,000 to $10,000 range with the ...

When you are dealing with any speculative asset you are dealing with unknown random events that could move its price. They could be big moves too. In light of this, gold has as much a chance of going up, as it does down. So under this reasoning gold could go to any number - the key word is could. 

Putting mathematical and linguistic concerns aside, the investing (upside betting) environment for gold is now looking better, given the large collapse in price over the past 12 months, but mostly because global geopolitical, disaster and climate events are accelerating; creating the potential for a "Black Swan Event" that would be very good for gold prices in the near term.

In the long run, we still do not ascribe much intellectual or "real physical economic" value to this metal. It is a value that primarily depends and appeals to people's inner brains' sensory and emotional cognitions based on the allure it earned in ancient times. However, our rational frontal cortex is  not so allured or intrigued by its largely superficial attributes.

First Financial Insights 
September 4, 2013 

Of Two Minds...

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