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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

ASIA HAMMERED - May Trigger Massive Global Sell-Off

The question we need to start asking ourselves is what could possibly prevent these markets from falling further?

TRADE SQUEEZE: High inputs = low outputs

 From a fundamental point of view, both Japan and China have been on our watchlist for months now for different reasons.  Japan because ts economy is shattered and has few prospects of becoming the economic tiger it once was, as dwindling global natural resources with higher prices, and increased foreign competition in export markets are impossible hurdles to overcome with mere clever technology. China,meanwhile is a massive credit bubble waiting to explode. The transparency, corruption, shadow banking  and other leveraged issues are set to make 2008 look like a tempestin a teapot. 

FUNNY MONEY - the shadow knows

 B y default, this takes down the  emerging markets in this region as well. Start to do the math - when the world's second and third largest economies are on the ropes - there is nothing to stop this from spreading  as the global economy begins to face the very real physical limits to growth .No inputs equals no outputs. Simple!

All would be wise to head for the high ground and avoid the experience of birthday-suit-swimming as the tide rolls out. The problem is that the abstractions of monetary and fiscal policy are ignored by physical laws and facts: there is thus, no where to run and nowhere to hide, as markets hold a correction in their cards that is long overdue. 

Remember no one ever rings a bell at the bottom...nor at the top, for that matter. Be Wise.

Investors' Insights

April 8,  2014 - 7:00 am 

(CNN) Asia shares extend losses after global sell-off; BOJ eyed

(CNN) Asian equity markets turned mixed on Tuesday as Chinese shares played catch-up with the region after a long weekend but sentiment remained shaky following a global stock sell-off overnight.
U.S. stocks declined for a third session, with all three major indices losing more than 1 percent as internet stocks like,  Priceline Group,Google and Apple extended losses. Monday's losses pulled the S&P 500into the red for the year while the Nasdaq recorded its biggest three-session drop since November 2011.

NIKKEINikkei 225 Index14631.66
HSIHang Seng Index22377.15
ASX 200S&P/ASX 2005394.20
SHANGHAIShanghai Composite Index2058.83
KOSPIKOSPI Index1985.21

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