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Monday, 13 April 2015

J.P. Morgan’s Dimon Warns HUGE Crisis Lurking

J P Morgan's Dimon Warns Next Crisis Will Bring Even More Volatility

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Wall St. - Who will be swimming naked next time?

LONDON (Market Watch) you ain't seen nothing yet, when it comes to market wreckage from a financial crisis, according to J P Morgan's Jamie Dimon. In his annual letter to shareholders, the bank's chief executive warned " there will be another crisis" - and the market reaction could even be more volatile, because the regulations are now tougher.

It's Going To Be Worse? 

He argued the crackdown on the financial sector, added to more-stringent requirements for capital and liquidity, will hamper banks' capacity to act as a buffer against shocks in the financial markets. Banks could become reluctant to extend credit, for example, and less likely to take on stock issuance through rights offering, which would essentially create a shortage of securities. Read More

Man the Lifeboats! 

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