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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

US Population Distribution by Age (1900 -2060) - Calculated Risk

U.S. Births per Year

Looking at this moving graph gives you that sinking dizzy feeling after a while, but nonetheless it is interesting from a general point of view. The baby boom and subsequent bust are obvious as well as the general flattening of the distribution over time as medical health care improves. By 2060, the vast majority are over 21 years old - that should shape into different consumption patterns.

Moreover, more breakdowns would be useful such as income, education, origin, gender, geography, and occupation, amoung other attributes. Calculated Risk provides its own observations.

But lets not forget the most important factors are the growing population numbers and diminishing resources (wealth dilution), that makes immigration of any sort economically illogical. What corporate entity gives away its shares for free and dilutes its current stakeholders' wealth? None! Down the road, as this issue becomes more apparent, then the levying of hefty "Immigration  Taxes" of say a $100,000 per applicant or higher, starts to.make a whole lot of sense as a way earn revenues to balance fiscal budgets, sustain taxes and keep the dilution of real national wealth in check

This form of tax recognises that the ideals of three hundred years ago no longer apply in a shrinking world, where key resources grow scarcer by the moment. To do otherwise, exposes nations to the greater possibilties of social unrest and political upheaval as austerities unfold  - when the planet's capacity to deliver the essentials of living is curtailed.

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