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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Jim Rogers Blog - Commodity Prices Going to Moon

Does this mean we should land on the moon again for bargains? Folks could be waiting there right now looking for our business. Who we wonder?

Commodity prices are ready to shoot upwards whether there is a war in Syria or any big event somewhere else on the planet. Syria is somewhat irrelevant in this regard as markets are poised more on fundamentals to lift skyward.

The world is more fragile today than it was twenty years ago for obvious reasons. More people, fewer resources and wider geo-political tensions and instability. For more worries you may add in climate change, wildfires, water supplies and worst - fewer and fewer pollinating bugs. And that's the war we are really losing sleep over.

Bottom Line: Anyday, anything, or anytime - LIFT OFF ALICE!

First Financial Insights
August 24, 2013

To the Moon...

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