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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

ALJAZEERA - (English) Worldwide PC sales keep sliding

ALJAZEERA - (English) Worldwide PC sales keep sliding

Lenovo (China) Top PC Maker???

Bad news for everyone, except China as they take the leadership position in another market that has long been dominated by American makers for decades. Who do we blame this on? Management? Tablets? Consumers? Or China's low cost producer strategy for an industry where products are becoming commoditized, as it really does not take that much to do the reverse engineering. Again China is following a "national business strategy" much like Japan did from the 60's onwards in automotive and consumer electronics.

But the real issue is what good is the WTO? How does it ensure that everyone is on an equal playing field when labour, environmental, and health standards are barbaric is contrast to North America. Add to all that a fixed currency to the US dollar and this game becomes a one horse race.

But who loses big time? North American and European union and salaried workers. In fact, in America the real hourly wage, according to St Louis, FED statistics have not risen much since 1982! So, where are the unions???

Beyond all this meaning more doom and gloom for the ordinary American worker, here 's list of PC makers facing tougher times as this saturated market begins to consolidate. Smaller players will be forced to merge or simply fade away into the sunset - while margins face continued presures from commoditization.

TOP Five PC Makers
  41% (est) Market Share

Hewlett Packard

First Financial Insights
July 16, 2013 

Those were the days - "in our home towns... and they ain't coming back"
- Bruce Springstein

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