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Sunday, 14 July 2013

MARKET ALERT - Financial Times - Portugal's Bonds Soar 7.9% - MORE Euro Troubles


Europe shifts back into the spotlight this week, as Euro bond yields could soar higher and then reverberating around the globe as jittery traders push the button. Bond Vigilante's may be in for an early Christmas Bonus - long before the.summer is over. It is unlikely that equity markets can protect themselves if the bonds decide to take cover. Safety first, and every man for himself.

First Financial Insights
July 12, 2013

Financial Times - Portugal's Bonds Soar 7.9% -  MORE Euro Troubles  

Just add another country to the list of European nations that are seeking "national salvation" as 10 year bonds rose to 7.9% this past Friday, settling back to 7.27% - up 53 basis points. Again the neo-classical economists have no solutions and no plan, other than to print money and provide bail-outs. Nor do they even remotely understand that the underlying issues stem from physical economic constraints - too many people and too few resources. So the economic cancer that came to the forefront in Greece, is masticating around the continent, remember Cyprus just a few short months ago . 

Here's the real problem - as Europe falls apart and bond yields move to 10% and higher in these "thinly traded markets," the fears will begin to take hold and grip the global markets as well. At the same time, the European economies are also starting to slip into one of the profoundest depressions ever to be experienced, as asset prices deflate and consumer disposal spending is over-burdened with huge increases in debt service costs. A One - Two body blow.

This could be the snowball that plunges the bond markets into a long bear-cycle. Expect the turmoil in Europe, to test the nerves of jittery bond traders in Asia and North America this week. And this could also trigger long over due downside actions in the equity markets around the world next week.

Seems like there is no where to run; no where to hide.For now.

First Financial Insights
July 11, 2013

Who will pull the trigger?

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