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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bankers Gone Wild! - #Ireland 's Ghost Homes!

Ghost Estates of Ireland 1
Ghost Estates of Ireland: Symbols of an Economic Collapse
Article by Steph,
Built with visions of suburban prosperity in more optimistic times, the empty shells of former dream homes dot the countryside among piles of construction rubble and fallen-down fences. Economic highs and lows have led to abandonments of entire villages all over the world, from China to the Mediterranean, but Ireland is among the nations that was particularly hard-hit.
 Ghost Estates of Ireland 2

Photographer Valérie Anex captures Ireland’s ‘ghost estates’ in a series of striking images that juxtapose a fading hope for sanitized suburbia with the current reality, which is simply that nobody can afford to live in these houses. The National Institute for Regional and Spacial Analysis defines ‘ghost estates’ as developments of ten houses or more in which fifty percent or less of the homes are occupied or completed.
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There is little difference between between somber banking types and the wild party girls on videos. Both are the same too when the party's over and their respective worlds come crashing down. 
You think we are being funny, but actually we are quite serious. The facts speak for themselves...
Investors' Insights
June 3, 2014
Girls or Bankers?


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